Your questions, our answers

Where is SCWP Schindhelm positioned on the market?

With more than 90 lawyers at nine locations at home and abroad, SCWP Schindhelm is one of the leading law firms in Austria. In 2009, we merged with the German law firm Schindhelm to form an international alliance with offices in Central/Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific. Currently, more than 150 lawyers thus advise our national and international clients at 18 economic centres in 11 countries of the world. And we are opting for further expansion.

What clients do you work for?

We advise small and medium-sized (SME) as well as large companies from the public and private sector, multinational companies and entities of public law. 

Is there a career model?

Yes, and the requirements are clearly defined. The requirements to become a senior lawyer or partner in the different levels are based on objective factors and also very fundamentally on the lawyer’s personality.

What opportunities do I have as a woman?

For linguistic reasons, we avoid the convention of using terms with a forward slash. Female colleagues are very welcome at our company and now constitute almost half of our team.

What do I have to have to join SCWP Schindhelm?

Excellent degree results, a doctorate, LL.M. or experience abroad are all positive factors. However, manner, social skills and primarily the ability to supply easy-to-understand work for clients are decisive. We pay particular attention to this in the probationary period and then give you a clear answer to your professional prospects.

Can I also work at the foreign locations?

Yes, absolutely. Our employees are particularly characterised by flexibility and motivation as well as their interest in gaining experience abroad.

Do you offer other benefits in addition to the salary?

Whether a weekly fruit basket, cultural events or a convivial evening together, we are first of all interested in ensuring that you feel at home at our company. We also encourage specific basic and further training measures  and offer collaboration with auditors and tax consultants in day-to-day business. We support you in your publication and presentation activities, e.g. in the assumption of lecturer and teaching posts at universities and universities of applied sciences and in any expedient form of public relations. We ensure that you are able to expand your network in politics, associations and interest groups.

I would like to reconcile my family with my job. What are the working hours like and are there any part-time working models?

We do of course like to work and sometimes we work a lot. But we also ensure an even work-life balance. And for us that is not an empty buzzword. At SCWP Schindhelm, freedom is associated with flexibility. We therefore offer you the opportunity to work part-time. We define the boundary parameters jointly with you in accordance with your individual requirements.

And what about specialisation?

We set clear focus areas with our competence centres. And that is something we also expect from you over the course of your development. However, we do not want to train specialists who are unable to think outside of the legal box in complex cases.

As a young lawyer, will I have any contact with clients?

Yes, we involve you in client contact right from the start. It is a fundamental requirement for your career at our company that you are able to develop and maintain your own relationships with clients. There are no permanent back-office activities.

Are you also looking for associates and interns?

Yes, definitely. That is the best opportunity for us to get to know future employees. With corresponding commitment, we will also pay a remuneration.

How can I apply for a position at your firm?

Our current vacancies can be found here. Apply online or send us your application documents by post; an unsolicited application is also welcome.

What is the application procedure?

If we think that you could fit into our company, we will invite you to an initial interview. Here, you will meet the partner for whose team we are seeking new recruits. You will be given the opportunity to present yourself and we will use the opportunity to introduce you to our law firm, our structures and our work. After a further, more in-depth interview, it should be clear whether we will be inviting you on board.